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At present, the home market for new products, new services, new materials continued to heat up the demand, forcing home enterprises to transform and upgrade. Among them, the whole is the core of new services, slate is the representative of new materials, the two are home building materials industry tuyere.

On June 14, the famous furniture exhibition joined with the Foshan Pottery Fair, the forum entitled “Setting off at the right time on the peak: The trend and change of setting and rock slab development” was held at the Deshi Assembly Hall, Hall 8, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, China, invited Mr. Mo Ruihui, president of Dongguan Custom Home Industry Association and Chairman of Zhuoyi Fadinuo Platinum Kitchen, Mr. Chen Chi, chairman of Deshi Home, Mr. Chen Qinxian, general manager of New Zhongyuan Marketing, mr. Xian Xianjian, director of Yinuo slate group, four entrepreneurs, focusing on the value and dynamics of the industry, use their own experience to explore how home furnishing enterprises can break through the situation in a rapidly changing industry. Following is the main point of view of Chi Chen —— Foshan Finishing is a service MODEL, is the enterprise from providing a single product upgrade to provide design, decoration and product of the overall home decoration landing of a service model. This means that home enterprises no longer stay in the product stage, not only manufacturers, but also service providers.

At the same time, enterprises can further understand the needs of consumers and the market through the model, so as to improve product quality and provide better service experience for consumers. At present, De Chi home has a complete industrial chain production system, from the beginning of design, to provide consumers with decoration and furnishings in one-step integrated solution. Since the launch of the National Promotion Program, more than 20 dealers have been doing this business model, the market feedback is good. For the future, I look forward to the sustained and healthy development of the industry, Chinese brands and even Chinese furniture industry can go to the world.

I also believe that the future of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese creative power will burst out into greater light. Deshi will continue to improve its overall strength, enhance and expand its brand influence and value, forge ahead and strive to become a strong force in China’s creation.