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“The whole case design or will become the future trend of home industry development, the future of every enterprise will face. “. In his view, the implementation of the hardbound room policy on the future development of the home industry has a significant impact. Consumers need to be able to really carry a bag to live in the home, and enterprises need to do is to provide hard-and soft-packaged full range of products and services. Whether it is upstream merger downstream, or downstream integration upstream, home industry chain integration is the general trend of the road. Rather than sit back and wait to be integrated as a member of the initiative to attack to become the dominant, and this is one of the reasons that Deshi home choose to do the whole case design.

“was forced” to the full case design de Chi home has been focused on the high-end home field.

The Felice Filić series debuted in 2017, showcasing a full range of home and custom designed services. The whole case design concept also from then on resounds the profession. Asked to choose the reasons for the design of the whole case, Chen Chi summarized as two aspects, one is the need for market trends, the other is the need for enterprises “forced. “. He pointed out that as the consumption potential continues to release, the integration of home upstream and downstream industries, for customers to create a complete home solution is needed by consumers, but also the trend of market development. Different from other customized enterprises or finishing enterprises, de Chi home design from the beginning, design-oriented, to provide consumers with decoration and furnishings in one-step integrated solution.

Because locating the high-end market, it is rare to find the cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises that match the de Chi household. In addition, many factors, such as the production quality and delivery time of the foundry factory, can not be controlled, de Chi home “forced” to take up the entire industrial chain of all the work. “others can not serve us, can only we come, ‘force’ we walked to today. ” Chen Chi some helpless. “We have even set up our own hardware, stone and other processing plants to ensure that all products should be provided by us, ” Chen said, adding that all products presented in the stores under the line of Dechi, except electrical appliances, are owned brands.

At present, de Chi home already has a complete industrial chain production system, from the beginning of design, to create the overall space solution for customers. This is one of the reasons that dache stands out from other household enterprises of the same type.

A little less commercial, a little more emotional

Different from the whole design, the whole design not only requires the enterprise to have the ability of integration, but also to have the ability of fully controlling the design space. The Felice Filić collection, he recalls, was designed to differentiate itself from the market, and to demonstrate the brand’s ability to design. In the design aspect, we not only keep long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign design giants, but also have an independent design and R & D team of more than 30 people to ensure that all products are original brand. It is understood that to do the full case design de Chi home fully prepared for three years. Not only to get through the entire industrial chain, with a complete production system, but also to train their own R & D and Design Team, rear support and service staff is also essential.

It’s expensive and expensive. “We probably wouldn’t have done it if it had been purely for commercial purposes, ” Chen said, adding that “a little bit of emotion” had sustained him. He jokes that in this day and age, emotion seems to have become a derogatory term that people are ashamed to talk about. But in his heart forever bearing a feeling, that is to do their main business well. “In life, we will face many choices, but in any case we must not lose our original heart. I think it is enough to know our position and do our duty, ” Chen said, during the outbreak, many people advised him to do a mask, but he refused, because the mask is not their main business. He does not want to make a quick profit, also never thought to let the enterprise develop too fast, step by step down to do a good job in the main business, to do a good product, to do a good service, enough.

In front of a billion-dollar Corporation

Facing the current economic downward pressure and fierce market competition environment, Chen Chi has a very peaceful state of mind. “The market will not disappear, progress will always exist. ” In his view, the future of the home industry will not be bad, but in a constantly changing, for enterprises, how to adapt to market changes and timely adjustment is the most important. But in this process, the new enterprise rises or the old enterprise is eliminated, is the natural law, also is the social progress normal state. Can Not by their own advantages and disadvantages of others, nor by their own shortcomings than others strengths. Some enterprises to “volume” , some enterprises to “quality” , the pursuit of a different, should not trouble themselves. “although the size is not as good as listed household enterprises, but the quality is definitely superior.

If I work with them, I believe I have dignity in front of them, ” said Chen, do not envy others can do 10 billion, everyone has their own way of life, “live to understand more than anything else. ” The current rapid socioeconomic development, but also brings many challenges and opportunities, the din needs to calm thinking. Compared with how to catch up, enterprises should be more calm analysis, to see the current competitive pattern and changes in the industry, rational thinking about the future direction of development. He stressed that the future industry must be products and quality in the first place, as a traditional manufacturing industry, the home industry will not disappear, will only be better and better in the sediment.