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2018-2019 for the impact of China’s home industry market is very large, in the face of poor sales of the home industry as a whole, is tantamount to entering a “ice age. “.

In the future, how should Chinese household brand realize self-reflection and change? This media has interviewed Mr. Chen Chi, president of de Chi home.

Q: Hello, President Chen, according to the current market situation of the home industry, please tell me how to deal with the current changes in the home market.

Chen Chi: In the last decade, there has been a great change in the market of the home furnishing industry. With the challenge of the Macro Index of economic development, it is an unavoidable fact that the home furnishing industry has declined in the last two years. Of course, also accelerated the industry brand reshuffle, in this process, De Chi home is also constantly upgrading the market demand point for products and brand upgrading. Felice Tuttidesign, which was launched in 2019, covers the entire high end of the entire range of home furnishings and complements the complex needs of consumers based on a single point of demand.

Q: With the coming of 2020, looking back, does 2019 meet your original expectations?

Chen Chi: the end of the year is a summary and outlook, 2019 is an important year for de Chi Household, first of all, de Chi household headquarters to complete the strategic upgrading of the production system planning, from Dongguan Hongmei moved to Dongguan Houjie Furniture Circle, and won the industry recognition of the top 500 Chinese Home Furnishing Enterprises Sofa category released by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, as well as the strategic cooperation of Hunan satellite TV’s singer 2020, especially in 2018,2019 in the national household industry market situation of greater influence, de Chi household can keep rising against the trend of performance, fully explain the market for de Chi household products, quality, brand recognition. Felice tuttidesign has made even more impressive achievements in its first year of operation, we have served more than 50 clients such as high-end Villas, private clubs, international luxury brand exhibition halls, five-star hotels, sample rooms of domestic first-line real estate companies. The current market performance of de Chi home is in line with our evaluation of the market situation after the strategic decision.

Q: Congratulations on the achievements and achievements in 2019. As the CEO of a household brand, please introduce the outlook and planning for 2020.

Chen Chi: As the most high-end brand of domestic modern products, Dechi has always adopted the strategy of brand precipitation. We believe that the real brand can never be obtained by overwhelming advertising, first we take the customer experience as the primary market verification condition, we invest in the Expo Garden nearly ten thousand square meters four series full case design exhibition hall goal is this. For 2020, there is still a lot of work to be done, first of all, we will continue to integrate the product lines of the four major brands, namely, De Chi, Filić, Bao Bo and Max. We will focus on the Italian style of minimalism, and extend our custom products and full design services, the essence of the whole case design is to carry out systematic integration of resources to meet the needs of consumers one-stop home decoration. Secondly, we will optimize the dealer service system. In 2020, we will launch a brand-new consultant service system to serve a full range of dealers from marketing training to terminal operation, the overall planning and implementation of dealer team building and benefit output. Then is to upgrade product research and development, optimize product materials, continuous integration of the world’s high-end materials, with strict design standards for users to bring the most comfortable home experience. There will be more original works for the expo in March 2020, followed by the continued completion of the national offline layout of the design experience store, leading to a new minimalist lifestyle.

Q: I would like to thank President Chen for accepting this interview and wish dechi better results in the new year.

Chen Chi: thank you, I wish you a happy Spring Festival!