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目前,国内数十个城市有了我们的专卖店,北上广深一线城市位列其中,连续多年蝉联家居行业销售排行首位,2013年再列同行业产品销量第一,单店销量第一,开店成功率达到99%,顺利实现倍数复合年增长率,成为唯一 一家全球高端家居行业排行榜(中国)发展最快明星企业,堪称中国高端家居行业极速、高效成长典范,被业内誉为中国高端沙发行业最具品牌价值企业。


We are all in for the tide of global 3.0 times, and drawing up a dream for realize the founder of "CHINA'S LEADING BRAND OF HIGH-END SOFA", at the same time, we are ready for this.

Currently, domestic dozens of cities with our stores, include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen those first level cities. Stay on the top position of household industry sales’for many years, also the No.1 of products sales’in the same industry in 2013, No.1 of singel shop sales. The success rate of up shops reached 99%, achieving a multiple compound annual growth rate, be the only one of the world’s top household list (CHINA), the fastest growing star enterprise. Can be said to be the model of the fast and efficient growth of China top-end household industry. By the industry as the most brand value enterprise in the China top-end sofa lines.

Certainly, we are in fashion of the East-South Asia market, Export trade increasing year by year. Even so, our European market development strategy has been forming and smooth implementation. Globalization is high-quality resources integration, adhere to the self characteristics of interpretation.



  • 刚刚经历金融危机的中国市场,我们逆势而为,确立以高端家居为企业定位,德驰家居正式起航。

    Just after the financial crisis of the Chinese market, we buck the trend, establish the positioning for the enterprise in high-end household, Decci household formally set sail.

  • 对产品材质和设计理念的严苛要求,通过全球性优质资源严格甄选、以及对全球知名品牌进行考察,确定我们的产品材质和研发思路。

    Stringent requirements for product material and design idea, by the global resources quality strict selection, as well as to the world famous brand, make sure our product material and the research mentality.

  • 德驰家居产品正式投放市场,获得客户一致好评。北、上、广、深一线城市作为首批投放城市。

    Decci household officially put on the market, have gained good reputation among the customers. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen those first-level cities as the first cities for release.

  • 市场作为检验企业的唯一标准,德驰家居2012年进行市场战略化重心全面发展。

    The market as the sole criterion for testing enterprise, Decci household 2012 market focus comprehensive development strategy.

  • 创下同行业产品销量第一,单店月产值突破百万,专卖店增速位居全国第一。德驰家居远销日本、韩国、马来西亚、印度、菲律宾等国。

    Record the NO.1 of the same industry sales, single shop monthly production value breakthrough millions, store growth ranking first in the country. Decci household are exported to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Philippines and other countries.

  • 德驰家居第二系列产品BOB宝泊在经过市场验证后,荣耀面世。

    The second series of Decci household products, BOB was come out gloria after market validation. Decci household for globalization development strategy.




We adhering to the "innovative, pragmatic, service" business philosophy, the development of many classic, which is given priority to with Italian minimalist home. We advocate contracted type way of life, simple life concept, and contracted attitude towards life.