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DECCI household products co., LTD. (referred to as "DECCI household") was founded in 2006, is engaged in high-end household product design, research and development, production and sales of enterprises. DECCI household has set up Beijing DECCI household products co., LTD., Shanghai BOB household products co., LTD., Dongguan DECCI household products co., LTD., the headquarters of the company is located in the furniture capital - dongguan.

DECCI household to "become a respected household brand" for the enterprise vision, with "for important people" for the mission, with strong industry resources and global vision, commitment to the global high-end customer group of the modern way of life in the high quality, make the Italian extremely emotional appeal of bedroom space and provide new space collocation solution.

Since the establishment of the company, DECCI household furnishing has won the Chinese market with excellent product quality, top-class home decoration design and one-stop service. In 2013, the company ranked the first in sales volume of products in the same industry and the first in single store sales volume, and successfully achieved multiple compound annual growth rate, becoming a star enterprise with rapid development in the global high-end household industry ranking list (China). In 2016, won the "2016 federation of industry and commerce furniture decoration industry chamber of commerce vice President unit", "the eighth Chinese golden melody award star designated sofa brand", "2016 world green home product design award"; In 2018, won "gold yi innovation design award - silver award of sofa series" and other honors.

DECCI household is a high-end soft furniture brand recognized by the majority of consumers. At present, DECCI household owns four series of international excellent brands, namely DECCI, Felice, BOB and MAX, and has opened more than 200 stores in hundreds of cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen.



  • 刚刚经历金融危机的中国市场,我们逆势而为,确立以高端家居为企业定位,德驰家居正式起航。

    Just after the financial crisis of the Chinese market, we buck the trend, establish the positioning for the enterprise in high-end household, Decci household formally set sail.

  • 对产品材质和设计理念的严苛要求,通过全球性优质资源严格甄选、以及对全球知名品牌进行考察,确定我们的产品材质和研发思路。

    Stringent requirements for product material and design idea, by the global resources quality strict selection, as well as to the world famous brand, make sure our product material and the research mentality.

  • 德驰家居产品正式投放市场,获得客户一致好评。北、上、广、深一线城市作为首批投放城市。

    Decci household officially put on the market, have gained good reputation among the customers. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen those first-level cities as the first cities for release.

  • 市场作为检验企业的唯一标准,德驰家居2012年进行市场战略化重心全面发展。

    The market as the sole criterion for testing enterprise, Decci household 2012 market focus comprehensive development strategy.

  • 创下同行业产品销量第一,单店月产值突破百万,专卖店增速位居全国第一。德驰家居远销日本、韩国、马来西亚、印度、菲律宾等国。

    Record the NO.1 of the same industry sales, single shop monthly production value breakthrough millions, store growth ranking first in the country. Decci household are exported to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Philippines and other countries.

  • 德驰家居第二系列产品BOB宝泊在经过市场验证后,荣耀面世。

    The second series of Decci household products, BOB was come out gloria after market validation. Decci household for globalization development strategy.




We adhering to the "innovative, pragmatic, service" business philosophy, the development of many classic, which is given priority to with Italian minimalist home. We advocate contracted type way of life, simple life concept, and contracted attitude towards life.